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Activity tracker logo design

StepSuccess, a fitness tracking company that provided a wearable fitness tracking device and an online dashboard for businesses and corporations looking to improve the health and wellbeing of their employees (most notably supplied to the Lotus F1 driver academy and pit crew).

The activity tracker logo design for StepSuccess needed to represent health and what the company provide – activity tracking, by recording steps, via an activity tracking device. Which in turn uploads the activity data to an online dashboard.

Step Success partnered with Lotus F1
Logo on packaging
Step Success Activity tracker

The final logo design resembles a heart shape (for health) with the StepSuccess initials “SS” incorporated with a cleverly positioned shape that represents the step aspect.

As with all our logo design projects we follow a design process of exploration, where we take receipt of the creative brief and ask questions to understand the task at hand; ideas, where we start the creative process and start designing; further development, where we take on feedback and amends and then ultimately the final approval for release.

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