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Total PFS

Site visits have increased by more than 42%

Total PFS

Powerful eCommerce WordPress Website design and development

Back in 2012 they had a website whose pages mostly consisted of PDFs. We built them a website to suit their budget which was a big success, but we knew we could do better. When Total PFS came back to us a few years later we jumped at the chance to redesign and rebuild their website.

Our primary goals were to improve the user experience along with their conversion rate. On top of this, the big task was moving all their products over to an eCommerce system.

Our Approach
Having worked with Total PFS before, we already had a good understanding of the organisation. We visited them at their headquarters in Weston-super-Mare to get a better feel for the business. We also got some ‘behind the scenes’ photographs as we wanted to be able to portray the business in a true and honest light.

Total PFS eCommerce WordPress Website

Key Results

  • 42

    Site visits have increased by more than 42%

  • 34

    Unique page views up by more than 34%

  • 11

    Average amount of time visitors spend on site decreased by 11%

  • 100

    The client is 100% happy with their website

Obtaining high-quality product images had proved tricky on the previous site. Working together, we dug through the great troves of resources at our disposal to ensure we had a complete catalogue of imagery for the new site. So many products were going unused or underrepresented. All of this was a fantastic collaborative journey with the Total PFS team. It also helped ensure that our high-flying design ideas remained within operational reality.

We analysed the existing pages and prioritised the content within each, ensuring that it mapped against the priorities of the business.

We developed wireframes for the layout of the pages giving them a robust structure. We also applied appropriate weighting and emphasis to each element ensuring that our recommendations would improve the natural search ranking and accessibility of the site.

We designed a select few pages in Photoshop to give us the visual design fundamentals and then moved on to building the site.

We used WordPress along with WooCommerce for the eCommerce elements.

We also focused on improving performance during the rebuild as fast loading times are an essential part of improving conversion rates.

Since the site launched, the results have been fantastic. According to Google Analytics, site visits have increased by more than 42%, and the number 0f unique page views is up by more than 34%. Our performance optimisations have made pages load faster, and our navigation improvements have helped users find what they are looking for more quickly, evidenced by the average amount of time visitors spend on site decreasing by 11%.

Now that the new website is up and running, the results are starting to speak for themselves. Total PFS are off to a fantastic start with the new system and we are excited to see what’s to come.

Liam Jay

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The whole process from creative design through to implementation was very smooth and we were kept informed every step of the way. Simply put, SketchCode Studio are a pleasure to work with.
Clive Richardson. Managing Director. Total PFS.
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