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World Class Willow

Unique site visits increased by 62%

World Class Willow

Website design and development

The World Class Willow website design and build kicked off with a meeting at their showroom/workshop. World Class Willow are an independent cricket bat maker based in Somerset.

We discovered their cricket bats are all handmade from English willow. They manage the whole process from felling the trees, processing the willow in to clefts, handling and finally shaping in to a finished cricket bat.

Their old website was powered by Shopify and had some limitations. The new World Class Willow website design and development is built using WordPress. The shop is powered by WooCommerce with Klarna integration. Their USP is that their cricket bats are what professional cricketers use and that you can buy the same grade bat from their website. You can also have it made exactly to your specification (height and weight etc) and it will perform exactly like a pro’s bat. The website puts this USP and the bat making process to the fore using big bright, detailed photography of their bats featuring their recently re-designed stickers (also designed by us).

World Class Willow wireframes
WCW pro player
World Class Willow cleft

Key Results

  • 93

    The new sites scores 93% for best practices

  • 90

    The new sites scores 90% for SEO

  • 62

    Unique site visits increased by 62%

  • 100

    The client is 100% happy with the website

The website is mobile friendly, meaning that the website layout will perfectly adapt to any device screen, plus it’s easy to navigate and loads fast. Users get to the content they want to see fast.

World Class Willow are big on their social media, especially Instagram. With this in mind we added their Instagram feed in the footer showing their latest post. On top of everything else the website is also easy for the client to update themselves.

If you would like an eCommerce website that’s fast, easy to navigate and easily updatable, drop us line here or call 01761 690019 for a quick chat.

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