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Christmas fonts to give your designs a festive feel

Christmas fonts to give your designs a festive feel

Want to infuse some Christmas spirit into your marketing? It can be tricky without feeling over the top or tacky, but thankfully there are a nice range of typefaces out there that do a lot of the heavy lifting for you. Below are a few of our favourite Christmas fonts.

An example of the Candy Cane font

Candy Cane

This free font take advantage of a classic Christmas candy. The distinctive twisting pattern combined with the soft, curved edges gives this font a playful feel.

Download it for free at Dafont.

An example of the North by Night, Christmas font

North by Night, A Christmas Font

North by Night is a premium typeface, but one we feel it worth it. It’s a Christmas font which has been described by its creator as “Santa’s favourite display font”, so who are we to argue. It’s a great choice to use on Christmas cards or Christmas banners as it remains easy to ready while having an undeniable festive feel to it.

You can purchase it via Creative Market.

An example of the Snowflake font. A perfect example of favourite Christmas fonts


Snowflake is a premium font. This charming typeface is based on cut paper snowflakes. This font also includes snowflake ornaments for borders or patterns. 

You can purchase it via Jessica Hische’s site.

An example of the Harbell Chrismas font


The free Harbell font is a bold brush script style typeface. We think it’s a perfect choice to use for a headline you really want to stand out. We recommend using it sparingly though as too much might be hard to read for some people.

Download it for free at Dafont.

An example of the Thaknus font


Thaknus is another premium font, but one that can be used all year round. Thaknus is a beautiful, elegant, and unique font that has many flowing style alternates which makes it very suitable for use on festive branding projects. It uses binders to seamlessly connect letters. Perfect for branding, logos, invitations, mastheads, and more.

You can purchase it via MyFonts.

Hopefully this little list of our favourite Christmas fonts has helped to provide some festive inspiration. If you’re in need of some professional design work, feel free to get in touch with us as we’d love to help.