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Dyspraxia Foundation Poster and pop up Banner

Dyspraxia Foundation Poster and pop up Banner

Ongoing client Dyspraxia Foundation asked us to design them two pieces, a poster and a pop up banner. The poster’s purpose was to make the general public aware that there is helpline support available to them.

Dyspraxia Foundation Poster

A clean and precise design that matches the brand with emphasis on a contact number as well as a testimonial to make the poster relatable to parents that may have a child suffering with dyspraxia.

The second piece of work was a pop up banner that the Dyspraxia Foundation could use in their conferences. It is 6ft tall with large headlines to target new volunteers to join the foundation and help make a difference to those that suffer with dyspraxia. Again it follows the style of the brand to create a consistency throughout all of their pieces.

Dyspraxia Foundation pop up Banner

To find out more about the work that the Dyspraxia Foundation do, check out their website.

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