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Get More Newsletter Signups

Get More Newsletter Signups

How do you get more Newsletter Signups without annoying your users?

A newsletter is a relatively easy marketing tool. When done well they can be a cost-effective way to develop a relationship with your customers.

However, you might be asking yourself things like:

Do people sign up for newsletters?

How do I ask someone to sign up for a newsletter?

Can I get more newsletter signups?

People do sign up for newsletters, but how and when you ask them to is a crucial part of the process.

Timing Your Call to Action

So many websites seem desperate to get people to sign up to their mailing lists and newsletters, they’ll resort to annoying tactics to achieve their goals. I hate newsletter forms that pop-up suddenly, especially when it’s the instant I visit a site.

An example of  newsletter signup popup (overlay) on a website
Displaying a newsletter signup overlay the moment a user arrives on a site can lead to a reduced conversion rate!

It’s not just me that hates these pop-ups. There’s been several studies that show displaying a newsletter signup overlay the moment a user arrives on a site will lead to a reduced conversion rate. This is likely because the user will not have had any time to browse the site to decide whether they want to sign up or not.

If you must use a pop-up form, make sure it doesn’t get shown until the user has been browsing the site for at least a few minutes. Even better, instead of using a pop-up, have a few areas on your website where you can place your newsletter signup form. This means a user can easily see them and choose to sign up at their own pace. At the bottom of a page or blog post often works well. It means the users have a chance to read what you have to say first and make a judgement about if signing up is something they want.

How do you encourage users to sign up to a email newsletter?

It’s important to highlight to users the value that signing up to your newsletter will give them. As part of your sign-up form, don’t just say something like “Subscribe to our Newsletter” or “Join our Mailing List.” That feels very generic and isn’t very informative. If you want people to subscribe to your newsletter you need to make the benefits clear to them. Try including a message that describes the value of your content. The exact benefits will change depending on what your newsletter is geared towards. Some common benefits you could mention would be things like – great deals, savings, helpful tips, how-to’s, exclusive discounts,

Stop users from worrying

Some users will worry about handing over their email address as it could lead to them being deluged with spam emails that they can’t unsubscribe from! If you want people to sign up to your newsletter, addressing these concerns right from the off might be enough to persuade them to sign up.

You could include in your message something like that you only send out emails once per month and that they can unsubscribe easily with one click. You could also reassure the visitor that you would never pass on their email address to any other companies if you want to cover everything.

An example newsletter signup form with a cartoon dog sitting on the left hand side.
An example of a newsletter signup form we designed for one of our clients

Wrapping it up

Hopefully these tips have helped answer how to get more newsletter signups. The TLDR version would be that the best way to grow your mailing list is to consistently provide value to your subscribers and make sure you highlight that value on your sign up form.

Check out more of our web design work or get in touch if you’d like some help with improving your newsletters.