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New e-commerce website for Dickies Workwear

New e-commerce website for Dickies Workwear

Dickies e-commerce website

Undoubtably, the biggest website we worked on last year was the e-commerce site for Dickies Workwear.

A multi-language e-commerce site which covers 10 different countries and has well over 300 different products on it, and that’s not counting all the different size and colour variations! Such a massive undertaking required some additional help and we were very lucky to be working alongside the talented developer guys. After several meetings with Dickies to establish the project requirements, we had a brief that called for a high performance state of the art site that engaged a strong customer base in the workwear market.

We primarily focused on the design and front-end build while blue-bag worked their back-end magic. The entire site is built using Drupal and Commerce Kickstart which provided a great base to work from.

As part of the design and front-end development, we had the task of making sure that the website was responsive so that it can be used on multiple screen sizes, such as mobiles (iPhones, Android, Windows Mobile, etc.), tablets (iPads, iPad Minis, Google Nexus, etc.) and desktops. It was a lot of hard work, but the result was worth it and we’re now moving on to work on a site for Dickies Corporate section. Watch this space for news on how it progresses!

You can view the Dickies Workwear website here.

ickies Workwear Website - Homepage