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World Class Sports Management

World Class Sports Management

Logo Design for a sports management company

The World Class Sports Management logo design features a graphic element of an existing company (World Class Willow) who are partners in a collaboration with Pro-Sports Caribbean. World Class Sports Management run an athlete centred program who pull in world class support whether it be for long term athletic development, management of evidence based fitness testing, state of the art recovery, nutritional support, sports psychology, athlete mentoring, educational support and elite player pathways.

If you look carefully enough you will see the logo design cleverly features all the initials. The “hawk” head at the top links it to the other brand. It is a dynamic, energetic design that sits well within a sports environment.

World Class Sports management logo design
sports Logo design on bottle
sports Logo design on a t-shirt

As with all our logo design projects we followed our logo design working processes of 1. Exploration stage, 2. Ideas stage, 3. Further development stage and ultimately on to final approval.

If you would like to commission a logo design project for your company, drop us a line here or call us on 01823 765171.

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