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Website design refresh for Heatherworks Beadwork Jewellery and Design

Heatherworks website design refresh works across multiple platforms
We originally designed this website for local business Heatherworks a few years ago. We currently maintain the site with regular back ups and updates.

We have recently carried out a website design refresh on the home page to included client testimonials, various new sections and stronger call to actions to encourage more interest and more purchases. As part of the redesign, we made more use of the colours from Heather’s logo to help create a stronger link between her brand and her website.

We also updated the main menu to have a drop-down for the shop so that users can navigate straight to one of the product categories without the need to visit the shop overview page first. Hopefully this will result in more people visiting those pages and in turn increase the sale conversion rates for Heather.

Heatherworks homepage website design refresh

You can view the live site here

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