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Web design – recode and refresh for our new website

Web design – recode and refresh for our new website

Like anything, web design is constantly evolving and what this means is websites can quickly become dated and old fashioned. And our website is no exception. We like to keep SketchCode Studio looking fresh, modern and utilising the latest tech available on the web right now.

What’s new?

The first most notable change is our logo. Our logo over the years has developed to suit modern design at any given point. The new logo design has simplified through the years from what used to be bright green with stylised text to what is now a very clean and simple text with a related icon. Our most recent logo featured three pastel colours; orange, blue and green. These were used throughout the site to colour code our categories: Website design, graphic design and online marketing. The new logo has taken a step away from the pastel colours opting for a bold deep navy, white and grey colour theme for both the site and the logo. The website also uses a deep red to help the call to actions pop out.

Perhaps the biggest change outside of the colour theme and logo is our contact page. We have grown in size over the last year and as such we now operate out of two offices. We’ve added to the Bristol office by opening an office in Taunton allowing us to encourage clients from a wider area. Our new contact page features a nifty user friendly selection tool that allows users to choose the office they would like to contact.

We have also added some of our more recent clients to our portfolio including the likes of Torwood House School, Ossicle Limited and Heatherworks just to name a few. We keep the portfolio up to date with our latest work because; 1. It’s good for SEO and 2. Potential clients can see we are constantly active producing design for printed work and bespoke design and development for websites whilst utilising the latest web technologies and adhering to current web best practices.

We hope that you like the refreshed SketchCode Studio web design. If you have a website that needs freshening up or you need a new website then please contact us via our new contact page