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Traffic to the website has increased by 90%


Jewellery designer WordPress website design and development

Heatherworks is the website of beadwork and jewellery designer Heather Kingsley-Heath who is renowned for her fantastic beadwork and jewellery designs.

Heather came to us as she was unhappy with her existing website, and after taking a look at it, we could see why. It was running on WordPress using some off-the-shelf theme and tons of plugins. It was slow, unresponsive and many of the plugins were conflicting with each other resulting in many elements of the site not functioning properly.

Beadwork design detail
Beadwork design example

Key Results

  • 90

    Traffic to the website has increased by 90%

  • 27

    27% increase in tablet users viewing the site

  • 26

    26% increase in mobile users viewing the site

  • 100

    The site scores 100% for web best practices

After discussing the obvious requirements (such as a site that actually works), we went through the finer details and came up with a site map and list of functionality that the site needed to include, which included e-commerce and a blog.

With that list in place, we started drawing up some wireframes to figure out the best layout for each of the pages, and how they would work across a range of screen sizes, including mobiles, tablets and desktops.

Once these had been agreed on, we moved over to Photoshop to sort out work some of the finer details, including typefaces, patterns, the colour palette and module spacing.

After a few rounds of revisions, we’d got to a stage where all concerned were happy to proceed to the development stage. We setup an beta version of the new WordPress eCommerce website on one of our private test servers so that both ourselves and Heather could access the work in progress. This ensured there was no ‘ta-dah’ or fanfare moment so that feedback could be given on a regular basis.

After the site had been bug-checked and cross-browser tested, we moved it over to Heather’s server to replace her old, barely functioning website, and unsurprisingly, the new one has been performing much better in all areas across the board. A noticeable increase has been with users browsing the site on tablets and mobiles which we put down to our improved layout and navigation design alongside the fast loading pages.

Full Testimonial From Heather: “Finding a team to help build your perfect website is fraught with pitfalls, I know because I fell into most of them before finding the SketchCode Studio team. I was searching for people to work with who were willing to understand my niche market, happy to take the time to have face to face meetings and willing to continue to work with me after the initial launch phase was completed.

From my first meeting with Rod and Liam at SketchCode Studio, I knew I’d found a great team. Friendly, reliable, refreshingly clear about what can and can’t be done to make your dream a reality, and, so important for an independent business owner, the finances and budget.

Their after launch service has been consistently supportive, because here’s the thing, there is no such thing as the perfect website, websites need to adapt, change, grow and upgrade just like your business does, and having a team working with you that enables that, priceless.”

If you like this jewellery designer WordPress website and you have a business that could benefit from a better online presence, please call on 01761 690019 use our contact form instead.

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From my first meeting with Rod and Liam at SketchCode Studio, I knew I’d found a great team. Friendly, reliable, refreshingly clear about what can and can’t be done to make your dream a reality.
Heather Kingsley-Heath. Owner. Heatherworks Beadwork Jewellery Designs and Kits
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