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Logo Design

Logo Design

Let us create you a unique and memorable logo design to help your business stand out in a crowded marketplace. The logos we design are concept driven and have a very strong connection with the brand and business they represent.

Our aim is to create a thought proving experience within a design. This maybe something as-simple-as cleverly using negative space within a design to create a link to the brand name or its values and ethos.

Below you can find a small selection of logo designs we have created to help businesses standout from the crowd.

Concept driven design

Our logo design process

  • Website design and development briefing


    The process starts with a meeting, skype call or exchange of emails to explore possible creative routes. We’ll also get a heads up on your brand guidelines (if any) and if they need to be considered

  • Website design and development - Ideas and concepts

    Ideas and Concepts

    After the exploration stage we will start on some initial concepts. We’ll produce 3 to 4 concepts (usually get carried away and do more!) from which one will be chosen for development

  • Log design

    Idea Development

    Once a concept or idea has been chosen, we may need to carry some amends or tweaks. This is when we refine and finesse until final approval

  • Website design and development - Launch


    It’s done, approved, finito! Time to unleash your awesome new logo on the world!

Some random stats about our logo service

  • 120

    We have designed over 120 logos for businesses, large and small

  • 20

    We've been designing logos for over 20 years

  • 35

    We have 35 combined years experience

  • 3

    You'll get at least 3 concepts to choose from

Want to know more?

If you want or need to find out more, or if you need a new logo designed for your business just drop us line here. Leave us your number and we’ll call you right back for a quick chat. Alternatively you can call us on either 01761 690019 or 01823 765171.