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Web Hosting and Domains

Web Hosting and Domains

Recommendations on web hosting to suit your business from the professionals

It might sound surprising to some, but we don’t provide any services for hosting and domains here at SketchCode Studio! That’s simply because it’s not what we specialise in, however we do have a great knowledge of website hosting providers and are more than happy to help our clients pick out the web hosting provider that best suits their business.

A server
Opalstack web hosting
Krystal web hosting

We don’t always recommend the same provider to all of our clients as the truth of the matter is that the one most suited to the size of your website and budget might be very different to someone else’s.

If we’ve worked with you to design & develop a website, we’ll have a good understanding of the size and scale of website hosting service that you’ll need and will tailor our recommendations accordingly.

We don’t charge any fees for this service. All we do is provide you with a few links to the web hosts we think will suit your business and then you can register and sign up for their service yourself. This ensures that you keep control of your website and hosting at all times. It’s not tied in to us, so if in the future you wanted to use a different design company, (obviously we hope you don’t, but it’s always good to be prepared) you’d not have to have any awkward conversations with us to release your website.

We’ve listed a few of our favourite web hosts below:

Opalstack (Great value and flexible)

Krystal (100% green web hosting)

WP Engine (Expensive, but quality WordPress focused hosting)

Wild And Game logo design
We at Wild and Game Ltd use SketchCode Studio due to their innovative designs and quick turnaround. Whether it's a simple design of flyers or the full new branding of our products, they are always there to help us every step of the way, going above and beyond in many cases to achieve tight deadlines. Highly recommend you give them a try.
Mark Robbins. Operations Director. Wild And Game.