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Web development agency in Bristol

We’re a web development agency in Bristol with the best development coding practices

As a web development agency in Bristol, we specialise in creating websites that produce exceptional results for page speed, best practices, accessibility and SEO architecture coding practices. Our end-to-end management of the design, development, optimisation and testing helps us to deliver websites that perform to very high standards and also display seamlessly across all devices.

But why are these performance markers so important?

Page speed, accessibility, SEO coding, and adherence to best web practices are crucial considerations in web design and development. A fast-loading website with a responsive design and easy accessibility not only provides a better user experience but also enhances search engine ranking. Well-structured and optimised code with appropriate metadata and semantic markup significantly improves the website’s discoverability and ensures its compatibility with multiple platforms and devices. By incorporating best web practices, we create websites that are more reliable, secure, and future-proof, resulting in a better user experience and higher search engine rankings. Ultimately, these elements contribute to the success of the website and the business it represents.

Take a look at the stats image below for a website we have recently designed and developed for the Somerset Cheese Co.

Website performance - Web development agency in Bristol
Drupal & Shopify - Web development agency in Bristol
WooCommerce & WordPress - Web development agency in Bristol
Villa Petalutha logo
I am very pleased with the work done by SketchCode Studio to upgrade and update my website. I was consulted about designs at each stage and given plenty of opportunity to make any changes required. It was easy to communicate and any questions I had were answered quickly and professionally. I felt very well supported in the process of changing service providers and hosts. I would certainly recommend SketchCode Studio and will continue to use them for my website management.
Debbie Huffadine. Villa Petalutha Owner

Web development in Bristol services

Here at SketchCode Studio, we will collaborate closely with you to design a unique, user-friendly website that reflects your brand’s identity and personality. Once everybody is happy with the design we then take the website into the development phase.

We’ll develop a website that is optimised for page speed, best web practices, correct SEO coding architecture and accessibility. It will also be “mobile friendly” – responsive across all the latest mobile devices.

Whilst we specialise in WordPress development we can also develop a design and utilise a CMS that is suitable for your requirements, whether that be in Shopify, Drupal or WooCommerce.

Other Web development services

  • Website migration
  • Website repair
  • Increasing existing website speed
  • Plugin updates and site backups
  • Improving website accessibility
  • Maleware removal
  • Customise plugins and web apps

What about hosting and domain names?

If we design and develop your website, we will have a clear idea of the size and scope of the website hosting service that best suits your needs, and we will customise our recommendations accordingly. We do not charge any fees for this service. Instead, we will provide you with several links to web hosts and domain name registrars that we believe are ideal for your business. We encourage you to register and subscribe to their service independently. This approach ensures that you retain control of your website and hosting at all times, independent of our involvement.

Here’s a selection of a few of our preferred providers
Opalstack (excellent value for money hosting)
Krystal (100% green web hosting)
WP Engine (premium WordPress-focused hosting)
Gandi (domain names)