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Paws & Chores

Paws & Chores logo design

Playful logo design for small business owner

Paws & Chores is an emerging small business that provides a diverse range of services, catering to both pet owners and individuals seeking assistance with various everyday tasks. These services span from the activity of dog walking to the practical help with general errands and chores. The owner recognised the significance of a visually appealing brand identity to effectively communicate the essence of her business in a playful and engaging manner. To bring this vision to life, the owner entrusted us with the task of designing a logo that encapsulates the core services and character of Paws & Chores.

Paws and chores

Design Process

Our design process commenced with the owner supplying us a rudimentary sketch that outlined her preferences and ideas for the logo. This initial sketch served as a foundational blueprint, providing us with valuable insights into her conceptualisation. It included elements that were meaningful to the business, such as pet dog waiting to be walked with a lead, and symbols indicative of general household chores. This sketch acted as a starting point, offering a glimpse into the owner’s vision for the logo.

Drawing inspiration from the sketch, we embarked on a creative journey to craft a logo that effectively conveys the nature of Paws & Chores in a captivating manner. By amalgamating the owner’s initial ideas, we endeavoured to produce a logo that would reflect the core essence of the business, resonating with both pet lovers and those in need of practical assistance.
The final Paws & Chores logo design logo encapsulates the multifaceted nature of Paws & Chores. It seamlessly blends the joyful aspects of pet care, symbolised by a playful dog holding a leash, with the practicality of general errands and chores through visual cues like bubbles and a bucket and mop. The combination of these elements results in a logo that is both visually engaging and informative, effectively conveying the core of services offered by the business.

The choice of colours, typography, and overall design aesthetics were selected to evoke a sense of fun and playfulness, aligning with the owner’s vision for the brand. This not only makes the logo visually appealing but also memorable and relatable to the target audience.


In conclusion, the Paws & Chores logo design is a creative and purposeful representation of the business’s identity. It successfully marries the playful nature of pet care with the practicality of household chores, all while adhering to the owner’s initial sketch. The end result is a vibrant, engaging, and unique logo that captures the heart and soul of “Paws & Chores” and invites customers to explore and avail themselves of its services.

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  • Paws & Chores Logo design
  • Paws & Chores Logo design