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Estelle’s at Farrington

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Estelle’s at Farrington

E-commerce WordPress website for a Hairdressing Salon

The website for Estelle’s at Farrington, a hairdressing salon, is crafted with a focus on user-friendly design and functionality, employing WordPress as the content management system (CMS) and integrating Woocommerce to facilitate e-commerce capabilities for the online shop. WordPress is a popular and versatile platform known for its ease of use and extensive customisation options, making it a suitable choice for creating dynamic and visually appealing websites.

Estelles at Farrington Category header
Estelles at Farrington Category header

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Woocommerce, a WordPress plugin, is specifically utilised to power the online shop component of the website. This integration enables seamless management of products, orders, and transactions, providing a secure and efficient online shopping experience for customers. The use of Woocommerce allows for easy product updates, inventory management, and order tracking, enhancing the overall efficiency of the online store.

Crafted with a bright and fun aesthetic, the website mirrors the lively personality of its owner, Estelle. The chosen colour schemes, design elements, and overall layout are thoughtfully curated to convey a sense of joy and reflect the unique style of the salon. The WordPress framework, known for its versatility and ease of use, serves as the ideal foundation for the website, offering a customisable platform that aligns with the specific needs of a hairdressing business.

In summary, the website for Estelle’s at Farrington is a well-crafted online platform that leverages WordPress and Woocommerce to offer a user-friendly experience. The design choices align with the vibrant personality of Estelle, creating a website that not only serves as an effective platform for showcasing and selling salon services but also as a true reflection of Estelle’s dynamic and unique brand identity.

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