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3D ‘Hyper-Reality’ Monitors!

3D ‘Hyper-Reality’ Monitors!

Apple appears to be researching 3D monitor displays, in which the user will be able to look around an object show on the screen.
Apple seems to be proposing that a screen could change the perspective of the 3D objects based on the users’ relative position to their monitor.

visual for a 3d screen monitor display

Said display would detect the user’s position through any suitable approach (such as video, infrared fields etc…). As the iMac range of computers already
have a video camera built in it would seem logical that video would be the most obvious choice. Apple also suggests that it could also be applied to 2D objects like windows to provide some added depth to traditionally flat objects.

The original feature on these 3d monitors can be found over at who are always posting interesting bits of info on anything Apple related.