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Get some location based SEO!

Get some location based SEO!

If your business relies on local custom then location based SEO is well worth considering.

Having a website with good SEO can help your company boost its business and profits. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or web page on search engines search results, such as Google or Bing. This is generally done through keywords for your business. Ranking for your business services alone is very difficult since there are many, many other companies which also do the same thing as you. You might specialise in something but again there are other companies throughout the country that do the same and you are all competing to get on page number one on those search engines. This is where location based SEO comes in. Mentioning your location will allow users to find you much easier.

Location based SEO

Location based SEO isn’t necessary for every website out there. Online retailers such as Amazon, don’t need location based SEO since people will order their product from where ever they are and know that it will be delivered to their doorstep. Location based SEO works best for local tradesmen, people who need to target the local and surrounding areas of where they are based. Here is a list of some examples of businesses which would benefit from location based SEO.

  • Hairdressers in Bristol
  • Builders in Bristol
  • Electricians in Bristol
  • Plumbers in Bristol
  • High street shops in Bristol
  • Restaurants in Bristol

These are just a few businesses which survive on work and business from their local area in Bristol. Someone who has just moved from the north to the south wouldn’t still go to the same hairdresser, they will need to find a new one. There will be many hairdressers within the local area but the user is more likely to have a look at those who are on page one rather than page five. Ranking higher up with location based SEO allows you not to rank for being a hairdresser but location meaning you are asking to be found for a specific search. Making your location as specific as possible will also help. For example, instead of people just searching for a hairdresser in Somerset, which there are bound to be hundreds of, they will be looking for a hairdresser in Bristol, which makes the number of results so much smaller since the location is specific. Now you’ve made the number of businesses you’ve got to compete for a spot on page one much smaller. With location based SEO and general SEO you will be able to rank higher, assuming you have good SEO for both of them.

We have found that location based SEO is something that very few small or local businesses are aware of to achieve higher ranking on search engines. If you would like some help with location based SEO please don’t to contact us.