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Mail Mammoth Email Campaigns Beta

Mail Mammoth Email Campaigns Beta

Yesterday we launched the beta for a new website called ‘Mail Mammoth‘.

At present it’s only a single page website that highlights our experience and skill in designing and constructing responsive, robust, heavyweight email campaigns for some ‘mammoth’ UK brands.

As you can probably tell by that terrible pun and by looking at the site, there is definitely a subtle emphasis on humour which is there to show that something like emails and landing page which are all too often viewed as ‘boring’ and ‘templated’ don’t have to be! It’s still possible to have clear and concise messages and include a bit of ‘fun’ in the email designs. This is actually surprisingly good at getting conversions as it has been proven that people are more likely to purchase things when they’re in a good mood (Psychological Mind Tricks). In short, a bit of humour can be good for business and ‘Malcolm’ (That’s the name of our mail mammoth) knows this.

We’re working hard to get the full site live as soon as possible, but we’re taking on email campaigns and landing pages right now, so if you’ve got something that could benefit from having an email campaign with a bit of weight put behind it, head on over to Mail Mammoth and submit your project. It will make Malcolm happy.