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New logo design for South African wine specialists – Perold Wine Cellar

New logo design for South African wine specialists – Perold Wine Cellar

The owner of Perold Wine Cellar is Gerhard Perold. If you’re a wine connoisseur some of you may recognise the name, for Gerhard Perold is the Great Grandson of none other than the Father of Pinotage – Abraham Izak Perold. Yes, Abraham Izak Perold developed the Pinotage grape variety by crossing Pinot Noir and Cinsault. During his lifetime he also introduced 177 grape varieties in to South Africa.

Heritage, personality and expertise

So now Gerhard is utilising his wine heritage with the creation of Perold Wine Cellar. Perold Wine Cellar offer the finest South African Wines from three of the best South African wineries – Painted Wolf Wines, Seven Springs and KWV.

Gerhard approached us with a brief to create a new logo, brand identity and website (blog post for the latter coming soon). We kicked off proceedings with a meeting to understand a little bit more about the business and Gerhard. Like myself Gerhard is a keen rugby player and coach, so I was keen to get some of Gerhard’s personality and obviously a link to his heritage expressed in the logo.

The first set of logos contained a version of our preferred design and also some other designs which also adhered to the brief.

Initial logo design concepts

Perold Wine Cellar logo concepts

We pushed for our favourite and to our delight Gerhard agreed. The new logo design contains a graphic representation of a Springbok. The Springbok is synonymous with South Africa and especially South African rugby. With a few minor tweaks we cleverly combined the Springbok with a wine glass filled with wine. Fortunately Springbok horns are a very similar shape to wine a glass, so with some minor adjustments to refine their shape and without losing the essence of a true Springbok representation we were able to present a polished final logo that combined elements of Gerhard’s heritage, personality and area of expertise.

The final Logo design…

Perold Wine Cellar Final Logo design

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