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New Mobile Friendly Website for Veterinary Surgeons Ossicle

New Mobile Friendly Website for Veterinary Surgeons Ossicle

Our regular client, veterinary surgeons Ossicle, asked us to rebuild their website to make it mobile friendly. Having previously built Ossicle’s website it was decided that rather than utilising their old design, the new mobile friendly website for the veterinary surgeons would benefit from a redesign.

As well as making the new site responsive, the website received some minor navigation changes to make it more user friendly and also benefitted from an entirely new home page. Previously the site just had an image slider featuring our client’s veterinary work but now the home page has more navigation to what veterinary work they do as well as featuring a Facebook news feed which they regularly update.

Ossicle Orthopaedic Referrals New Mobile Friendly Website

The redesign brought about a change in colour for Ossicle’s site. Having previously used a combination of black and a bluey grey as the colour palette, the new website now uses white as the main body whilst using the original colour palette for the header and footer. What this means is the content is now easier for the users to read as well as making the whole website feel cleaner and sharper.

Ossicle's New Mobile Friendly Website on various devices

If you need a mobile friendly website contact us here or call our Bristol office on 01761 690019 or our Taunton office on 01823 765171 for a quick chat.