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New responsive, eCommerce website for the Somerset Cheese Company

A responsive, eCommerce website we designed and built for the Somerset Cheese Company recently went live, and while we’re planning on doing a proper write up and case study for the site, we couldn’t resist letting you guys know about it now. Partly because we genuinely think it’s a kick ass improvement over the old one, and also because it’s SketchCode Studio’s first proper responsive, eCommerce website.

The Somerset Cheese Company website viewed on a laptop

After some initial research into the site’s requirements, we built it using WordPress and WooCommerce as we felt it was the perfect platform for a small eCommerce website, and so far we’re happy to say that decision has proved to be a sound one! The site it loading faster and performing better than it’s ever done before, and, once we’ve managed to gather a few months of data, we can hopefully show that the site visitors are liking this new website too!

The Somerset Cheese Company - Single Product Page

You can view the live site here