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New Specialised Recruitment Website –

New Specialised Recruitment Website –

Helen McMahon requested that her new specialised recruitment website – be a clean uncluttered design with clear customer benefits, great imagery and with an editable page she can update with her latest job vacancies.

We decided that due to the nature of the content and budget to opt for a static CakePHP build with a dynamic custom feature for the ‘vacancies’ page. This allows the client to update the page via a simple form that is only accessible when logged into the site via a hidden login URL. By adding vacancies on a regular basis, its keeps the site fresh with new content, which in turn encourages visitors to return on a regular basis. It also helps improve the websites’ visibility within search engines, such as Google and Bing – when a search engine finds new content on a website it could be said that it deems the site as ‘more informative’ and therefore rewards the site with a higher position. Homepage

Take a look round the site here

If you need a website with a custom feature or you need a custom feature added to an existing website, drop us a line at studio(at) – it could make all the difference to your business.