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Pay For A Cheap Website, Pay Twice

Pay For A Cheap Website, Pay Twice

PAY CHEAP, PAY TWICE. That’s what they say.

We here at SketchCode Studio have had many clients come to us with existing websites, asking us to add additional content to them or to fix them. This is something that we are more than happy to do, if the coding of the website will allow us to do so. Unfortunately we’ve found that many of these requests aren’t possible due to the website being poorly designed and coded. It may look fine to the average user but when it comes to editing or adding content or features to the site, it is clear to see that what possibly seemed a good idea at the time has turned out to be a poor investment.

Cheap websites?
You might get lucky when buying a cheap website, but more often than not you’ll probably end up paying for it to be fixed or rebuilt.

An offer you can’t refuse

The lure of getting a website done on the cheap is very appealing to a business owner on a budget. They’ve understood the need to have a website in this ever advancing generation. They’ve understood the fact that nearly everyone in the UK has access to the internet, whether it be on a desktop or on the go, on their mobile. Not having your business on the web is an obvious mistake. So when a web company advertises about their offer of building a websites on the cheap, would it not be foolish to take up this offer to get your company online?

“I came to SketchCode Studio with an existing website that did not deliver what I had initially asked for. It was built on a system that only the person who built it fully understood and the design did not communicate with my target market. SketchCode Studio redesigned and rebuilt my website, offered lots of advice which was very helpful and they involved me with every aspect of it’s design and functionality along the way. I would not hesitate to recommend their service”

Jacqueline Coe, Author.

Cheap for how long?

The problem that comes with building a website on the cheap is when your business grows and the website needs new features to keep up with competitors. A cheap website might be fine for a few months, certainly visually for the visitors to your site. But when you need to change something, add a new feature to keep your business competing with rival companies, or something has become out of date within the site due to advancements in internet technology then a cheap website no longer becomes a cheap website.

Good, Cheap, Fast

You may not actually own your website

More often than not the owner of a cheap website may have been sold a website package like Hibu or 1&1 offer. They will build you a website for approximately £300 and/or charge you up to £50 odd a month for the term of your contract with them. Note I said the ‘term of your contract’. Basically as soon as you end that contract you end your website. They will hand you back your content but your website will cease to exist on the internet. Time to put your hand in your pocket again.

Breaking the news to the client

We’ve had clients come to us wanting additional work carried out on their cheap website only to be told that they need a whole new website built from scratch. They ask why and often the reason is the website is so poorly coded or it uses a bespoke platform specific to its origination, therefore to achieve the functionality they require it would cost more money than building a completely new website. So what actually sounded like bargain to start with ends in hassle and more money, money that you may not have. If you pay for a cheap website, you’ll probably end up paying twice.

Help is at hand

If you need any advice or help with your existing website or would like a new website drop us a line here