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The Importance of Writing a WordPress Blog Post

The Importance of Writing a WordPress Blog Post

Why write a WordPress blog post?

We have many clients who come to us asking us to build them a website so they will rank higher on search engines, e.g. Google. There are many ways to rank higher up in search engines but one very good way is to make regular WordPress blog posts. Yes, we understand that making a blog post can be time consuming, since it is not only just typing up the article but also the time of thinking up the idea for the blog post itself. This though, shouldn’t be a problem for those who are keen to climb the ranking ladder!

My Blog is Alive

You are probably wondering how does a WordPress blog post affect the ranking of my site if I’ve already done all the other things to rank higher. Well yes, SEO and keywords do help with the ranking of your site but this doesn’t cause an update in your website. Why would you want to “update” your website when it’s functionally perfectly the way it is? Well updating your website via a WordPress blog post is a great way to improve your rank in search engines. You aren’t changing the whole site but updating a single page with blog posts which in turn creates more pages within your website. This will then force search engines to scan through your website to update their records about your website. The search engines will see that you are regularly adding content to your website and thus will rank you higher since they see your website as being active.

Regularly posting stories on a WordPress blog is also a great opportunity for you to fill the post with those all important keywords that are so valuable in helping people find what they are looking for – the more relevant your keywords are to your business, the more chance people will land on your pages.

Another great thing about regularly putting WordPress blog posts up is traffic, hopefully. If you post interesting content regularly, users will hopefully return to see your new content. Regular users then may tell their friends about your interesting blog posts and then they may become regular users and so forth (you may even get a few back links, which are also great for SEO). If search engines see that your website is getting traffic they will in turn rank your site accordingly. So more traffic will result in a higher ranking on search engine!

Here at SketchCode Studio we can build you a fully functioning WordPress blog that’s easy to keep updated, and we can even attach it to an existing website. If you do not have the time to blog yourself that is also something we can help you with. We can provide you with interesting content and posts about your business and your industry sector news. Call us on 01823 765171 or contact us via our contact form

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