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Tibbs Tree Surgeons

Tibbs Tree Surgeons

Tibbs Tree Surgeons’ leaflet and Photo Shoot


The Chilcompton, near Radstock, based Tibbs Tree Surgeons came to us wanting a leaflet designed and printed, to give out, to help people understand that there is a correct way of removing or maintaining a tree. And it isn’t as easy as you think! There is a lot of health and safety involved, to make sure those working on a tree don’t get hurt and many failsafes incase one was to fall. Everything they do is fascinating, even down to throwing the ropes into place first time! Something that might take us many attempts! So knowing what was needed for the leaflet, it was time for SketchCode Studio to get behind the camera, and get some exclusive shots! Carefully positioning ourselves we’ve managed to get some incredible shots of Tibbs Tree Surgeons at work. The photos perfectly show off what Tibbs Tree Surgeons are all about. Professional, safe and efficient. Their knowledge is second to none and they manage to trim back a huge, problematic tree with ease. Check out the complete set of photos on our Flickr account.


The finished leaflet…

Tibbs Tree Surgeon Leaflet