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We Offer The Complete Website Package!

We Offer The Complete Website Package!

At SketchCode Studio we deal with a range of clients; from those that have all the content and images ready to go in, to those that have neither. As well as the many clients that are in between the two extremes. We find some websites are designed and built within days and then there are others that are left hanging, waiting for the content and images.

Durston House School Case Study Header

It’s important to have you online and up and running with as little disruption as possible. This is why we work quickly and efficiently. We like to see our sites live, working and benefitting clients ASAP! Believe me there’s nothing worse than having a fully designed and developed website waiting to go live bar a few pics or words!

We understand that many clients are busy running their own company during the day and finding the time to sit down after work to write engaging content can be difficult, especially if you have family commitments as well. Luckily though, SketchCode Studio are the complete website design package. Our team of multi-skilled designers can take out all the hassle and stress of getting your business online.

“SketchCode Studio initially worked on some of our marketing collateral, we were impressed with their professionalism and speed and therefore decided to use them to help redesign and update our website. We enjoyed working with SketchCode Studio and found Liam very helpful, he was always quick to help and guide us technically which is very important, if you are not technically minded! I would highly recommend working with SketchCode Studio as they provide a quick, responsive and affordable service.”

Suki Ryder. Torwood House School

When we take on your project we offer the complete package:

  • Designing
  • Building/Coding
  • Photography
  • Content Writing
  • Hosting
Website briefing document
Our website briefing document will make your life so much easier!

The Design Stage

After our first meeting, we will understand who your target audience is, we’ll discuss in-depth what you do, sell or offer. We’ll look at your existing colour schemes, logos, print work and sometimes existing websites. We will then go away and produce the first concept designs based on the information we have gathered (we will also make suggestions to improve user experience if we feel it’s required).

Wireframe designs for the new Torwood House School website
Wireframe designs for the new Torwood House School website

After a final visual has been approved, we get down to business and start coding. We will code your site to look exactly like the visual and make sure it has all the features you want in it. To mention just a few we can add a contact form, blog feeds, image sliders and social network integration. When coding we will also make sure it’s performance optimised. This means your website pages will load fast ensuring not to lose your website visitors attention.


You can literally spend hundreds of pounds commissioning a photographer or you can ask us to do it for you. To get you off the ground, we usually spend half a day or sometimes a full day (depending on the requirements) to get the images, at the quality needed, at a fraction of the cost.
Check out our Flickr account to see some of the images we have taken for satisfied clients.

Some of our photography
Some photography we have carried out for several clients

“We are thrilled with our website. Rod and Liam listened carefully to our requirements and were quick to develop a stunning design that immediately engages the visitor. It’s crisp and uncluttered and maximises the impact of the photographs. The website has a sophisticated, contemporary feel which is perfect for advertising our luxury villa.”

Debbie Huffadine. Villa Petalutha

Content writing

The content we write is SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) standard. This means your pages will rank better on search engines such as Google or Yahoo. Of course we aren’t experts in every field of work known to man so we can only produce engaging content once we fully understand what it is you do. We would normally discuss this at our initial meeting, but if we need clarification we’ll ask more questions, as you will always know your business better than we do.
To make this process easier we will provide a briefing document asking all the relevant questions we need answers to.

Copy content brief
Our copy content brief helps us understand your online goals


Finally, the hosting of your website. We remove all the stressful hassle that comes with hosting. We’ll send you a link to a hosting company that we recommend (OpalStack). You simply sign up by following the easy on-screen instructions. The reason we ask you (the client) to do this is so you always remain in control of your own hosting. Plus you don’t have to pay us any set up costs relating to the purchase of your hosting. More importantly, we have many clients come to us who do not know where there is existing website is hosted because some other company has set it up for them. This can lead to many complications, especially if they have parted company on not very good terms.

So, do you need a website?

If you need a website; designed, built, content written, images taken and hosted, contact us today.

“I was searching for people to work with who were willing to understand my niche market. Happy to take the time to have face to face meetings and willing to continue to work with me after the initial launch phase was completed. From my first meeting with Rod and Liam at SketchCode Studio, I knew I’d found a great team. They are friendly, reliable and refreshingly clear about what can and can’t be done. This is so important for an independent business owner, the finances and budget. Their after launch service has been consistently supportive, because here’s the thing, there is no such thing as the perfect website, websites need to adapt, change, grow and upgrade just like your business does, and having a team working with you that enables that, priceless.”

Heather Kingsley-Heath. Heatherworks